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Returns of faulty products

Transport incident (goods arrive in poor condition)

1. Check the condition of the package(s) or palle . If the package is in very bad condition we advise you to reject it and inform us, so that we can pursue the matter with the transport firm.

2. Indicate on the delivery driver’s advice note whether the package or pallet was damaged, broken, open/loose, wet or you can hear something broken rattling inside. Never put “review pending” as it is meaningless for insurance purposes. If the package looks damaged externally, indicate on the driver’s advice note or tablet “damaged package” or “package in bad conditions”. We recommend taking some photos of the exterior and interior of the package as well as of the damaged products. Keep the goods until collection by the transport company or by Plantasur and inform us as soon as possible of the incidence by attaching all the information collected.

3. If you detect defective or missing items, the claim must be made within 48 hours immediately after receiving the merchandise. In any case, send us the type of incident by email to devoluciones@plantasur.com or by fax to 902.876.557.

1. The customer will have to download and fulfil the return form for the products in our general catalogue (except for the seeds) and attach it to the shipment. Please read the instructions carefully and ensure that you include all the details required.

Important: No products in our general catalogue returns can be accepted or processed unless accompanied by the corresponding form, duly completed.

Download the general catalogue (except for the seeds) return form:


Currently, we do not distribute seeds

In good condition

In order to return a product it is essential for:

  1. The product to be returned within 15 days of receipt.
  2. The product to be in exactly the same condition it was delivered in and in its original packaging, including cork protection and plastic sheaths.
  3. The product to be accompanied by all accessories and supplements.

Faulty products

1. Plantasur’s returns policy is subject to the terms offered by the manufacturers of different products under the associated guarantee, regarding repairs, replacements, etc. Taking into account the conditions of the manufacturers, we cannot accept returns of defective products without the purchase receipt / invoice as well as we cannot accept returns of electrical/electronic products that have broken or cut cables/wires. Our manufacturers refuse to accept products with cut cables even if the products may actually be defective and under warranty.

2. In the case of manufacturing faults/malfunctioning, you must complete our Online returns form or specific returns form for seeds, including the manufacturer's stamped and dated guarantee, if any. Also include the packaging whenever possible, and always if the product is being returned within 15 days of receipt.

3. Returns cannot be accepted for the normal wear and tear of parts, materials or equipment components. Product breakdowns or faults cannot be accepted if:

  • They are caused by the normal wear and tear of parts, materials or components. (e.g. electrodes in measuring equipment or the membranes of humidifiers).
  • If caused by improper use of the product or failure to carry out the maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If caused by an accident or improper handling during maintenance operations (e.g. cleaning the fabric of a reference electrode or changing a membrane on any type of humidifier).

4. When you have collected a certain number of faulty products, contact us to let us know when we can arranged to have the properly packaged goods picked up by a transport firm. The packaged must contain a list of the faulty products to be collected.

If you are in a hurry, send us the product together with the completed form, properly packaged, by ordinary post with recorded delivery, so that we can inform you when it is delivered to our store.

5. Once we have received your faulty goods, our technical department will check whether the conditions for returns have been met. If so, the product will be replaced or your money will be refunded. Products made by manufacturers with their own technical service will be shipped back to the manufacturer, with an undefined waiting time.

6. If the product fails to not meet the return conditions, it will not be replaced and no refund will be given. We will contact you to inform you if this is the case, returning it to you in the same state in which we received it.