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  • 1 units/box

MT Tumbler is the new machine that can trim both wet or dry flowers, simply by changing the tumbler.

The new technology of the MT Tumbler has been designed to preserve the quality of the flowers, equalling that of trimming by hand.

Made of Stainless Steel without any paint to avoid contamination of the flowers


- Tumbler made of Stainless Steel.
- 11 blades that give an unbeatable cut.
- A precise trim. Equipped with a system that is easy to adjust the cut to 0.0010mm.
- Powerful engines to get the best performance for many hours of work.
- We design our machines to be easy to mantain.
- Light, robust and stable.
- Includes powerful vaccumm equipment.
- Technical support available
- 850 X 850 X 700