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The next generation for professional LED lighting has arrived. This Lazerlite Pro LED fixture, combines a very compact, slim and useful design, with high-quality components and a spectacular lighting output. This singular luminaire provides 720 Watts of true lighting power with an efficiency of 2.75 mol/J thanks to its powerful diodes provided by Samsung.

The fixture is ideal for surfaces of sizes up to 150 x 150 cm.

Provides on-board dimming to regulate the light intensity, but can also be controlled by standard 0-10V Controller.

- Model: PRO 720 W
- Dimension: 1100*1100*45mm
- Power: 720W ± 5%
- Application: Full Spectrum / Blooming
- Recom. Height: 20cm - 60cm (over top of plants)

Product Datasheet:
- AC Input: 200-277V AC input
- Light Source: 2340 x Samsung LM281B+ Pro , 216 x SMD2835 660nm
- Driver: 2 x 350W built-in drivers by Letron
- PPF: 1980 mol/s
- Efficacy: 2.75 mol/J
- LED Spectrum: Full Spectrum
- Dimension: 1100*1100*45mm
- Package Size: 1145*100*590mm
- Control: 0-10V control with RJ12 input / output ports
- Master / Slave control : LED fixture can master control others behind by daisy-chain.
- Weight: 6.25kg
- Waterproof level: IP54
- Power Factor: >0.9
- Beam Angle: 120 Degree
- Working Tempt.: -20 to 35
- Warranty: up to 5 years